Episode 34 – Aubrey Good

In this week’s episode:

Guess what?  I’m still sick.  Luckily I recorded a great interview with Aubrey before this foul disease laid me low.

We have our first ever sponsor!  Not only that, but it’s topical.  Go to http://www.hopeforbpd.com/my-dialectical-life-dbt-selfhelp to sign up for a daily email with a dbt skill to practice.  I’ve been getting these emails for a few days and they have some really good insights.  If you check it out, be sure to let me know what you think!

My interview this week is with Aubrey from the International Bipolar Foundation.  I hope you enjoy!

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Episode 17 – Bipolar Behind Bars with Sheriff Ken Stolle

In this week's episode:
Sorry guys, I'm a day late. In my defense, I do have two dogs. Anyway...
This week starts what I hope will become a short series on mental health in the correctional system.
In news and reviews, I have a few disturbing stories about deaths behind bars. There's also a story on some legislature that may help add some much needed psychiatric beds.
'Profound Dehydration'
"The Uncounted" - Ricky Figueroa's story

My interview today is Sheriff Ken Stolle, who, in his role as Sheriff of Virginia Beach, has implemented some improvements for mental health outcomes in his jail.

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