ECT with Becky from Chicago

In this week’s episode:

It’s been a sucktastic weekend for me, but I’m still stable.  I guess that says something good about the Vraylar!

In the news, the WHO has classified Gaming Disorder as a mental illness.

Video Game Addiction Is Now Officially Classified As A Mental Illness

My interview today is with Becky from Chicago.  We discuss her experiences with ECT, medication, and the stigma surrounding both.

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Vraylar and Squirrels

In this week’s episode:

It’s so nice out, I’ve decided to try my hand at podcasting from the park.  It gives me the chance to talk about the new med I’ve switched Seroquel for – Vraylar.

In the news this week, there is a promising (grain of salt) article about a breakthrough in Bipolar Disorder research.

Now, guess what makes you look younger while treating BPD!  Time’s Up.  It’s Botox!

Derek Hess has a new art book coming out about his struggles with Dual Diagnosis.

The Forced Perspective Documentary:

No interview this week!


Thanks guys,  talk to you next week!