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 I don’t feel like I’m particularly well suited to discuss this topic.  I’m not a doctor or a therapist, and I haven’t done an inordinate amount of research on the topic, but I have to get it out. My soul can’t contain this.  Very recently, someone that I love very much was kidnapped. By that I mean they were legitimately
I just spent two hours alternately staring blankly at my computer screen and checking my phone. I walked around the office once, twice, three times.  I asked all of my co-workers if they had anything they needed help with. I guess you could say I have some down time. There’s something about trying to look busy when you are not
A BIPOLAR LIFE By Jason Miller Every one of us has the capacity to make a fundamental choice that has a huge impact on the quality of our time here on Earth: Whether we going to settle for survival or we are going to thrive. And If there is one truth I have learned over the years, it’s that human
There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about how unreliable memory can be. The way I understand it, memory is like a tape that you re-record every time you listen to it.  When you re-visit the memory of that time you wiped out on your bike when you were eleven, you’re not calling up an actual
When I worked at the portrait studio inside J.C. Penney, I learned that there are two types of parents. The first type wants a classically beautiful picture.  They want that shoulders-back, eyes-wide, smiling face look that most seven-year-olds just cannot achieve.   This group will insist on retaking pictures over and over until their child is in tears and they’re calling
May. Not a bad month, all things considered.  The weather is getting better (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway),  the sun is shining more every day, and season four of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is getting released.  What more could you want in a month? Don’t say Christmas. In addition to all this wonderfulness, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. 
Warning: Self Harm Sitting there in my therapist’s office, I think she must notice. She must have seen others that every so often squeeze their eyes tight and clench their fists, or rub their forearms. She doesn’t mention it, though. In my head, I’m repeatedly slashing at my forearms, my wrists. I swear I can feel the cuts on my
One part of this blog (and podcast) that I often gloss over is that I am bisexual. Yes, I’m married to a man, but that doesn’t change my sexuality (a fact that my former therapist just couldn’t grasp – which is why she is my former therapist). Bisexual was actually one of the “b” words that In was considering when
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A few things to know before reading this blog: 1. Trigger warning and I mean trigger WARNING. This is the most raw thing I’ve written on the subject and I didn’t spare some details. So, be aware that there are graphic depictions of sexual violence in this post. 2. This was previously published under a pseudonym on another blog. Shout